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Give Children the Chance to Know Christ

Help provide a safe haven to impoverished children in Pakistan

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What is Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc. all about?

Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc. exists to offer a Christian education to orphans and children in an impoverished area. Most children and families cannot afford the fees to go to school so their alternatives are to roam the streets, work in awful conditions, or possibly worse -- be sold into a life of slavery.

Children are flocking to Redeemer and more space is needed. Your contribution helps to keep the school running by paying for meals, clothing, school supplies, rent and utilities utility bills, administrative costs, security, and more.

The school director calls donors the breath of the school -- without the breath of life you give, the school will pass away. Help us breathe life into Pakistan!

To mail a gift, please send your donation to:

Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc.

103 Silver Lining Lane

Cary, North Carolina 27513